About us

After meeting on a night out in West Hollywood, a young Kiwi Lad and a young Brazilian Boy decide to open a restaurant with their all time favorite dishes, tasty street food and the most delicious coffee. Wrap it all up with the hospitality their Mums taught them so well and Bakers & Roasters was born.

B & R is a New Zealand style cafe served with a heavy dose of Brazil. It is our home away from home (and home is along way away). Our open kitchen produce all your favorite brunch and dinner dishes, fresh salads, and kiwi-twisted baked goods all day long. All of our cakes are made in-house and our Ozone coffee is always served as doubles.

If Coffee is not your thing, we'll get you going with our vitamin packed fresh juices and old school milkshakes. If you prefer something stronger, we serve New Zealand Wine, beers & a range of cocktails.

The True Cost

We aren't known for being the cheapest, but thats something we are proud of. It does cost a little more to make choices that are good for the planet, animal welfare and our health but that's our ethos and how we say NO  to the Industrial food system. To achieve this we partner with ethically reared, free-range, sustainable, organic, seasonal and local suppliers wherever we can: 

A special thanks go out to:

Local family bakers Ad Straathof for providing us with our delicious sourdough and spelt loaves.

To local Smokehouse - Franks for their 100% antibiotic / hormone free perfectly smoked salmon, bacon, ribs and chorizo.

To Lindenhoff for the freshest free-range eggs, ethically reared pork, sausages and grass-fed beef.

To Dick Schaap for our delicious produce and for partnering with local farmers wherever they can.